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Agri is using a lot of 1-loop bags. This bag type is used for many various products for within Agriculture and have a couple of standard sizes. This bag type is also now packed on rolls and product filled automatic. These bags can also have different types of inner liners and fabric coated or uncoated.




Fish feed is handled in 1-loop bags and in huge amounts. One of many advantages using a 1-loop bag is lower cost per unit, filling can be automatic and handling the bag is easy. Filling is made very fast and when moving bags from filling to warehouse trucks takes 6 bags each time together. Fish feed bags are also equipped with liners.



These bags are made of 100% virgin polypropylene due to food regulations. Bags can also be equipped with different types of inner liners. Liners can be from standard LDPE to aluminium and with different electrostatic properties.



In this sector you will find all different type of bags but mostly various 4-loop bags. RPP bags is a growing bag type in this sector. Other features can be, different electro static protection, lowest Type-A to Type-D which is self-dissipating charges out from a special fabric.



Here you will find bags with high Safety Working Load (SWL) and higher fabric weight due to rough handling and filling products.



Here are both 1,2 and 4-loop bags used. All depending on materials and sometimes also features on the building site.



These bags are mostly used for scrap from renovating houses and apartments. There are 3 different dimension and, in some cases, small differences. One size is appr. 2 meter long for wooden panels etc.



Bags in this segment are circular and loops are either sewn inside seams or Cross corner for easier handling without any help from the forklift.