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Changing the industry one bag at a time

Are You Interested In Being A Part Of Something Bigger?
At SPS Nordic We Value Our Clients And The Legacy We Will Leave Behind. Environmentally We Understand That We All Have A Great Responsibility.

Area we service

Who are we


Sustainable Packaging Solutions Nordic AB is a company managed by personnel with many years of experience within the FIBC and packaging industry. Generally, we are striving to implement a more environmentally friendly, sustainable and customer cost effective handling in the FIBC field. With partners/producers fulfilling all demands set by market, regulations and with latest modern equipment, we stand strong as a reliable supplier of big bags supporting your valuable products. To be your local partner, we work with several storage points close to customers. These are all over Nordics at strategic locations. Specifically, we want to be your choice to take care of your valuable products in a safe, reliable way in your handling and logistic system. We are here to give you our commitment, loyalty, excellent customer service and added value.



When applicable we propose a Safety Factor 6:1 so the client can reuse the bags if used in a 'closed loop' system. Before re-using, the bags need to be checked and cleaned.


We help our clients to optimize the bags according to filling procedures, transportation and end-user needs.


We are working with productions who are working with RPP (recycled polypropylene), and are able to to convert used bags into granulates and used in production of new FIBC.


SPS sustainability policy is ranging from bag production all the way to used bags ready for disposal. The following are the topics we consider with a responsible mind for our customers and good for our environment. Before our offer, clients can choose different sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions if available.  

SPS is constantly monitoring and auditing our suppliers, so they act as responsible producers. They need to be motivated to learn and to make positive impact on sustainability and apply improvements when possible. Some of these improvements can be design, bag performance or complying to human rights aspects. We are highly passionated in this area and if you are inclined to know more about our work – please get in contact with us. To mention a few more improvement areas we are actively contributing to please see list below.

Quality assurance

Environment protection

Solutions minimizing environmental waste and recycling waste from production

Promoting improvements in all areas of our work to be a caretaking supplier

SPS is actively working together with our suppliers and clients to identify and implement sustainable and other improvements within our area

We are constantly looking for more recycle-friendly solutions if applicable

SPS is complying with all regulations, laws and company principles to be a trusted and caring business partner.

• In our suppliers we seek production methods that minimizes usage of raw material and other components that has a negative impact on the environment